Must-Try “Young” LA Eateries

Here is a list of the top six must-try LA eateries that have opened within the last five years. If you haven’t been to any of the following start making some reservations—no excuses!

1.      The Parish

Located in the Fashion District of DTLA, Executive Chef Casey Lane’s gastropub serves elevated English pub food alongside some of the most outstanding cocktails in LA (if you like a good Manhattan variant, the” Historic  Core” is unforgettable). It is also one of the few places in LA that can execute a great bone-luging experience. If you don’t know what bone-luging is yet, there’s no better way to learn than by going to the Parish. You’ll be in good hands.

2.      Bestia

Hidden away down an alleyway in the newly fashionable Arts District, Bestia is notable for its warm yet industrial-chic aesthetic, its excellent service and most of all for its authentic, made-from-scratch, perfectly executed Italian fare.

3.      MB Post

While Executive Chef David LeFevre’s Manhattan Beach restaurant may have excellent exotic dishes and drinks, it’s the comfort food inspired pieces that generate the most enthusiasm from repeat customers. It’s tough to beat buttermilk cheddar biscuits, a bacon-rimmed Manhattan variant (“Manhattan Avenue”) and perhaps most of all, “The Elvis;” a dessert composed of chocolate pudding, peanut butter mousse and bacon brittle.

4.      Ray’s and Stark Bar

 Three aspects of Ray’s and Stark Bar make it worth a few visits. First, it’s situated in the LACMA complex which means that while guests dine in these sleek  50’s-pop-aesthetic eateries (Stark bar looks like a sexy version of “the Jetsons”) they can admire several LACMA pieces. Secondly, the dishes are as carefully and creatively designed as the buildings in which they are housed— from appetizers to desserts this menu is without a weakness. Third, unlike many great bars and restaurants in LA, Ray’s and Stark Bar’s relatively quiet atmospheres make them great spots for conversation.

5.      This is Not a Pop Up

Currently occupying Tiago Espresso Bar + Kitchen, Helena Brown and Helen Springut’s project, “This is Not a Pop Up” features some of the best chefs in the city executing creative plates in a warm and intimate atmosphere. This is not for the LA diner who prefers spectacle over substance; you’ll be disappointed if you’re in the mood for Swarovski crystal fire pits and waterfalls. “This is Not a Pop-Up” is best-suited for those who are serious about food and find romance in the idea of ephemeral menus prepared by quickly changing chefs in an impermanent location full of people similarly inclined towards adventure.

6.      Tasting Kitchen

 The Tasting Kitchen on Abbot Kinney is the ideal spot for West-siders who crave stellar bites and exquisitely mixed cocktails but who are reluctant to venture east of Sepulveda to get them. Executive Chef Casey Lane’s constantly changing ingredient-driven menu is well suited to trying many small plates for social diners. Even if you’re not hungry, The Tasting Kitchen is worth a visit for the cocktails alone. Whether you prefer spirit centric rye based options (“Nighthawk”), fruit focused tropicals (“Golden Ticket”) or the refreshing and delicate (“The English Garden”), the bartenders at TK are ready for you.

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